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Mons and surroundings

Mons is a fantastic town that lends itself easily to a stroll.  Discoveries pile up on the Grote Markt. The colossal gates of the town hall can be admired. Don't forget the Belfry or the Jardin du Mayeur (the mayor's garden).  Not far from the city you end up in the landscape of the Borinage.  It is located in the middle of a generally flat area, but dotted with valleys and slopes that are perfect for exploring on foot or by bike.  About thirty kilometers south of Mons, the Hauts-Pays Natural Park reveals nature in its wildest and most pure state.  The heritage has also been remarkably preserved. Here the craftsmen have plenty of time to express themselves and to bring their know-how and their region to life. Honey, beer, chocolate and even wine... The Hauts-Pays attach great importance to the colors of craftsmanship!



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