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From the top of the Citadel to the banks of the Sambre, Namur offers a wide range of possibilities. It is the most charming city in Wallonia. Here we do not see the raw past of the miners, as in other Walloon cities. The region  Namuroise has a rich history of Romans and duchies. You can discover today's Namur during a street art  or food tour. Also visit the impressive Citadel, this well-known fortress is located in 80 hectares of green area near the city center and offers a beautiful view of the city and the Meuse valley. With 7 km of underground passages, the Citadel was one of the largest fortresses in Europe.

Namur  wants to get rid of its sleeping image, and it succeeds thanks to its special heritage, the historical and modern hotspots and its atmospheric  streets and cozy squares. Romance is never far away here either!


  • The small artisan brewery Houppe

  • The Citadel of Namur and its catacombs

  • Stroll through the historic (shopping) streets of the city

  • The Félicien Rops museum, best known for his satanic and slightly pornographic works of art

  • The Jardin De Passion theater in Namur was inspired by the many small theaters in Brussels and is a great place to enjoy a​​ live show while in town

  • The Musée de la Fraise , where you can discover and taste our Belgian strawberries in a particularly playful way

  • The MusAfrica , a small but informative museum located in a historic building where you can learn more about the forgotten history of the Belgian Congo.


  • Carrément voucher , for a delicious macaron or piece of chocolate

  • L'Empreinte belge , a shop that sells almost exclusively local products (from jewelry to beer)

  • A real Belgian "brown cafe": Prince Baudouin or Le Chapitre

  • Le Temps des Cerises is a special restaurant with traditional Walloon cuisine. As far as the decor is concerned, the name reveals everything!

  • For the best cocktails, go to Botanical by Alfonse or L'Antiquaire

  • At Vino Vino you are invited to discover some wines from a specific region, grape variety or winemaker...

  • The coffees of Delahaut

  • Les Cup'inn , for the most special, funny, unique and above all delicious cupcakes

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