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The Semois Valley

Steep rocky slopes, the winding river Semois, charming villages and towns, beautiful glamping sites on the river... At every bend of a country road or forest path, you make a new discovery.
The famous castles of Herbeumont or Bouillon tell us the story of this region, which has been crossed several times by the most powerful armies in the world. Majestic bridges or narrow footbridges over the water lead to sometimes surprising places.

Imagine standing on the tower of the Château de Bouillon or on the Millennium Tower. Admire the ocean of forests stretching as far as the eye can see and intersected by the rivers Semois, Lesse and Houille.

Even more exciting: venture out on the meandering rivers by kayak or canoe or explore the valleys on foot or by mountain bike.
This authentic region is full of history and legends. Recharge your batteries or let your adrenaline run wild: the Semois Valley will not disappoint.


  • The challenging ladder hike (walk 43) in Rochehaut

  • La Chiquetterie , a garden of wild and medicinal plants in Nafraiture. You can also taste and buy products

  • La Fromagerie de la Semois , a young artisan cheesemaker in Sugny

  • The enchanting village of Frahan that lies on the meander of the Semois and from where you have a beautiful view

  • The 55m long suspension bridge La Passerelle de l'Epine in Bouillon

  • The medieval town of Bouillon where you can visit the oldest castle in Belgium, the castle of Godfrey of Bouillon

  • The Archeoscope of Bouillon, located in the 17th century convent of the Sisters of the Holy Sepulchre

  • The Giant's Tomb in Bouillon, the final resting place of a Gallic hero

  • The Bergerie d'Acremont sheep farm with Belgian dairy sheep, a breed that is slowly disappearing.

  • The charming village of Vresse-sur-Semois with its rich past

  • An 8km trip aboard a flat-bottomed boat (a raft driven by a ferryman) in Chiny

  • The leisure center Récréalle in Alle-sur-Semois

  • The Tobacco Museum of Tobacco Craft Production in Corbion

  • Lafôret, Chassepierre and Gros Gays, three of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia

  • The quadrangular sandy castle farm Château de Grandvoir in Grandvoir​


  • The beers of the Brasserie Invictus in Louette-Saint-Pierre.

  • Moulin Cambier , named after the old and completely restored water mill, is one of the better restaurants in Chiny and beautifully situated right next to the river.

  • Have you ever tried pike in butter sauce, eel or trout “à l'ancienne”?

  • In the  Hoeve van Sanglochons , a small charcuterie museum, shows how the salting, drying and smoking of charcuterie works in an authentic way.

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