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The Hautes Fagnes & Eastern Cantons

In the East Cantons you can be addressed in French, Dutch and German. You can also see this colorful mix in cities and villages such as  Eupen, Malmedy, Butchenbach or  Stavelot.

You will also find the largest and oldest nature reserve in Belgium: the High Fens. This reserve is one of the richest in biodiversity in our country. This part of the Ardennes lends itself like no other to adventurous challenges, beautiful bike rides and long walks.

The Amblève river that crosses it offers many nautical pleasures!  The High Fens are undoubtedly one of the most original landscapes of the Ardennes - Eifel region.

​ At the gates of the Fens you will find the famous  city of Spa, known for its delicious water, but also for its thermal houses, flamboyant architecture and green surroundings.


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