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​In the 19th century, the city of Liège grew into one of the richest in Belgium, which is still reflected in the beautiful architecture in the center. The historic center of Liège is one to be framed. It's not as picturesque as in the cities of Ghent and Antwerp, but that makes it just as special

Liège offers a mix of architecture, hills and a vibrant nightlife. In recent years, "la cité Ardente" has undergone a true metamorphosis. The city used to be known as dangerous. And while Liège still has a rough side, it is also home to beautiful medieval streets, extensive forests surrounding the city, emblematic buildings and a huge historical heritage.
Its rich industrial past is still visible in the many wooded slag heaps that surround the city, and there are still old  mines that can be visited.
In a few years' time, a tram line will cross the entire city, which will give the city even more allure, but for now we have to look beyond these works.  


  • The 373 steps of Montagne de Bueren

  • The Outremeuse district, an island in the Meuse, has always been known as a working-class neighborhood par excellence.

  • La Boverie , the museum of fine arts, located in the beautiful park of the same name.

  • La Batte, the largest market in Belgium (only on Sunday mornings)

  • Hidden courtyards, such as l'Impasse de l'Ange or l'Impasse de la Couronne

  • The beautiful Liège Guillemins station

  • The Musee de la vie Wallonne Liège, an old monastery that tells the life of Liège through the ages

  • The Coteaux de la Citadel, the green lung of Liège with the most beautiful alleys and parks​

  • La Cité Miroir , the former baths and thermal baths of La Sauvenière 

  • The Musée du Grand Curtius for an exceptional collection of art and history

  • Cycling along the banks of the river Maas

  • Spend the night in Hotel Neuvice , a historic printing house located in one of the oldest streets of Liège

  • Brasserie C , the most famous microbrewery in the city, located in a breathtakingly beautiful medieval building


  • Beerlovers cafe , where you can choose from 218 beers

  • Liège white tripe by Artisan Boucher Colson

  • Chocolaterie Carré Noir , one of the best chocolatiers in Belgium (Gault Millau)

  • Ice cream parlour  Pistachio and Chocolat

  • For waffles and other delicious artisan sweets: Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette

  • Darius Café , for a cup of cappuccino with a piece of homemade pastry

  • Il Giardini , a lovely Italian restaurant with a beautiful courtyard

  • Le Thème , a unique restaurant that changes theme every 2 years. The current theme is "The forgotten laboratory of lunar dreamers". The restaurant is located in one of the romantic dead-end courtyards. 

  • For the Liège jenever (Peket) you have to go to La Maison du Peket

  • Have lunch in an authentic bookshop? That is possible in brasserie Les 3 Coups . They welcome you in the old courtyard dating back to the 14th century. 

  • In La Petite Epicerie you imagine yourself in a cozy Parisian bistro. The food is delicious, you eat in a romantic mansion and the service is extra friendly.

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