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The heart of the Ardennes

The real Ardennes are extremely popular for its hiking opportunities, but you can also go back to Celtic daily life or train to become an astronaut at the Eurospace Center. In the cute book village of Redu you will find La Framboiserie, where you can pick your own raspberries. But the beautiful little interactive museum Mudia is also worth a visit.

The deep Ardennes forests are the beating heart of the entire Ardennes, with the red deer as king of the forest. Tall, old trees, crystal clear rivers, crags and historic caves. Nowhere in Belgium is it greener and more pristine than here. In Bastogne you will find the traces of the heavy fighting of the Ardennes Offensive. Fascinating museums and memorial sites make you realize how important it is to live in freedom.

And don't forget the many hidden addresses for gourmets and the spectacular views, because that is also the Ardennes.



  • The honey of the Anlier forest, on the heights of Léglise

  • Jean Le Chocolatier , who processes his creations with spicy flavors such as small peppers or saffron

  • The only Mozarella that you can find in Belgium and that is made from the Ardennes buffalo, in the Buffl'Ardenne farm  in Semel

  • Fine cured meats in an authentic setting: La Table des Champions in Saint-Hubert

  • The Tomme and the Boulette of the Ferme Keirse in Houmont

  • The bison meat from the Ferme des Bisons in Recogne where you can also spend the night in one of the 5 gîtes

  • For a tasty omelette, casserole or pancake, head to rural Estminet Al Pèle , located at Fourneau St Michel

  • Gourmet cuisine and not expensive can be found in the very cozy Auberge du Prévost , next to Fourneau St Michel. You can also come here for wedding parties, communions, family gatherings,...

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