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The forests and large valleys of Wallonia  are perhaps the ideal places to organize an outdoor team building! 
Below you have an idea  different possibilities:

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Bushcraft, Highland & Survival Games

The perfect workshop if you are looking for a fun and adventurous day with your team! By the end of this workshop, wilderness survival techniques will no longer hold any secrets for you.


Climbing in the trees or the rocks

A tree or a rock offer many possibilities for exciting scenarios! Adventurous, fun and accessible to everyone. Accompanied by specialists and using professional equipment, you will experience a unique experience in the trees or on the rocks.


Vespa or 2 CV Tour

Experience a wonderfully relaxing day with your team on a trendy and cool Vespa or an ancient Citroën 2CV. During this route you cruise on the most picturesque roads and drive through beautiful regions. At any point we can stop for a culinary stop in a nice restaurant, or a simple picnic or just to rest and take advantage of the landscape. 

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Kayak & Pack Rafting

Descent down a river by kayak or raft! Whether the Semois, the Lesse, the Ourthe or  de Viroin, you are guaranteed to enjoy the breathtaking region. You will discover beautiful and authentic Ardennes landscapes and become one with the nature around you.


VTT & Segway

We discover more by bike! You could of course discover all those beautiful new places on your own, but you would miss so much  ! Benefit from a local guide who will show you the most beautiful corners of the region by bike (electric or classic)!


Tastings & Workshops


In Wallonia, tastings and workshops come alive amid a rich culinary tradition. Wine lovers can enjoy Wallonia's emerging wine industry by participating in vineyard visits and tastings.


Wild Beauty

Discover what our planet offers in medicinal plants and herbs. Wild Beauty: making body care products from nature / Food from nature: info about edible plants and herbs / First aid from nature: compose your natural first aid kit yourself

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Private Visits

If you want to experience something truly unique, opt for a private tour.  Whether it's a castle, a village, a cave, a museum, you will discover hidden treasures, hear surprising stories and experience exclusive moments!

Almost on every location we can organise a workshop & tasting of gin, whisky, wine, beer,...


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City games, quests, fun games

Try to solve the proposed puzzles with your team of researchers through an exciting adventure. Ability to start multiple teams at the same time. It's up to you to choose between the urban or the rural version!


Trekking / Bivouac

Together with a passionate Ranger you will discover the specific flora and fauna of our region. You will be amazed by all the beauty that our country has to offer. Experience the magic of an overnight stay in the deep Walloon forests where you really become one with nature!


Outdoor Cooking

Do not expect the modern comfort of your fitted kitchen here, because it is located in the middle of nature! Practice your rudimentary cooking skills, let your senses guide you and rediscover your primary instincts: smell, eat, taste...


Forest bathing, Ice bathing & Yoga

Who is not looking for well-being and harmony today?  Recharge your batteries, reconnect with the essence of life and get in touch with the forest. Relaxation, adventure and mindfulness are the keywords of this "Zen" team building!


Speleo Adventure

A fun and interactive experience through the secret parts of the Cave of Han.

Put on your overalls, put on your boots and dive into the forgotten underground galleries.

The speleo course is open to all adventurers who are not afraid to get dirty!


Escape Room

The escape game can take place in a movie, a dam or in a scary place (psychiatric hospitals, haunted houses, a cave).


The concepts offer a multitude of possibilities for players who like a challenge and who want to practice their logical mind!


Medieval Games

Curious about how impressive the Dark Ages were? Have fun as an adventurous knight and go to the battlefield to defeat your opponents.

The events are very diverse: sometimes purely mental, sometimes physical, but always super fun and interactive!

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