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A perfect trip is a combination of culture, fun and, above all, good food.
Each region has its own peculiarities, up to you to decide what you want to do!

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Fancy a cultural outing? Today's Museums  are no longer boring or monotonous. More than 300 Walloon museums invite you on an artistic, historical, nature, gastronomic or interactive journey.  Some regularly host interesting and temporary exhibitions. So many options not to be missed!


There are more than 500 beers in Belgium, recognized for their diversity. Blondes, brunettes, amber, white, ... Breweries and microbreweries dedicated to this art of living, they are  ubiquitous in Wallonia. Did you know? Of the twelve Trappist abbeys in the world, no fewer than three are Walloon! You can discover them all in a friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings!


A visit to a farm in Wallonia allows you to discover the authenticity of the Walloon terroir and the excellence of its various products. Several craftsmen in the Walloon region have a unique know-how that is all too often overlooked. In each region you will find a different surprising discovery  for your taste buds. The Walloon farmers wish you a warm welcome!

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Natural Parks

Amazing nature full of spectacular views, vast valleys, pure rivers and dense forests. This is Wallonia.


The 10 largest nature parks lend themselves like no other for a walk or bike ride.  Of course, various nature guides are at your disposal to discover these beautiful parks and their versatile side.


People have always been somewhat intrigued by caves. They are impressively beautiful but at the same time very mysterious. How did all these beautiful concretions come about? Which animals live there?  You will learn this and much more during an interactive tour in one of the many caves in Wallonia.


Castles & Gardens

French, Italian or English, all this  different influences  made castles  of  romance or  elegance, where in their gardens of grandeur the  nature dominates.


Works of art, great classics or sometimes  totally unknown, a visit to a castle takes you back in time to the great times!


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Chocolade Bonbons

Markets & Events

What could be more fun than strolling through an authentic market? Whether it's a craft market where you can taste local products, a nice flea market, a romantic Christmas market or a gastronomic walk, there is something to experience in Wallonia every week.

Restaurants & Cafes

It is important for your customers to find the right addresses of local producers, delicious restaurants and tasty menus!  I invite you to discover surprising establishments. The typical Walloon bistros invite you to stimulate all your senses.


Artisan Producers

Gourmet Wallonia is primarily a tribute to our craftsmen who have decided to turn their passion into their profession. Their enthusiasm and knowledge is clearly reflected in our chocolates, our cold meats, our bread, our cheeses, our juices... A menu that will make your mouth water!

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The Most Beautiful Villages

Take the time to stop in one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia. Characteristic sites and landscapes that reflect the image of a rural Wallonia that must be preserved. These are traditional villages that all have something that makes them unusual, sublime, charming or fairytale-like.


The  the first people to cultivate vines were the monks. In the 14th century, every important Walloon city had its own vineyard. Due to the changed climate, wine was then replaced by beer. But in recent years, Wallonia has again owned several vineyards and today the sector is really on the rise!


Discover the Walloon spiritual drinks and eaux-de-vie. Juniper, eau de Villee, ...  And do you already know The Belgian Owl, a 100% Belgian whisky, produced in the heart of Walloon Hesbaye? Or why not a tasting of Gin Fleur de Han, aged in the secret galleries of the Caves of Han?

We are happy to be at your disposal for more information or other ideas!

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